2008 Climb of Denali's West Buttress (AK 2)

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Picasa Album - Denali Favorites

3D Route Diagrams of Denali
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  • Denali Sunsets
  • Snow Features at Denali's 17k Camp

  • Section 1 - KIA to 7,500' Camp

    Picasa Album - 2008-06-02to04 - Denali - Talkeetna, & KIA to 7,500' Camp


    Sunset from 7,500 ft on the Kahiltna

    It pays to be organized

    The flight in

    KIA Weather Board

    Mark & John Heading Out

    Mark & Foraker

    Mt Crosson

    The Endless Expanse of the Kahiltna

    The 10,000 ft Rise of Mt Foraker

    The Horizon of the Kahiltna Glacier

    Mt Frances

    Henry Keeping Cool on the Kahiltna

    The Long Haul

    Section 2 - 7,500' Camp to 9,500' Camp

    Picasa Album - 2008-06-05 - Denali - 7,500' Camp to 9,500' Camp


    Blown off course . . .

    Hitching a ride

    The Group on Ski Hill

    High on the Kahiltna

    Mark and John leading the way on Ski Hill

    Kahiltna Dome seen from Ski Hill

    Mt Hunter looming over the Kahiltna

    Sunset over Kahiltna Dome

    Section 3 - 9,500' Camp to 11,000' Camp

    Picasa Album - Denali - 9,500' Camp to 11,000' Camp


    Mt Hunter from the Kahiltna at 9,800 ft

    11k Camp and the West Buttress

    Kahiltna Dome

    Section 4 - 11,000' Camp to 14,000' Camp

    Picasa Album - 2008-06-07to10 - Denali - 11,000' Camp to 14,000' Camp


    Mt Hunter and the Kahiltna Peaks

    Rush Hour on Motorcycle Hill

    Gang at the Top of Motorcycle Hill

    Squirrel Hill

    The Polo Field and Windy Corner

    Foraker in the Clouds

    Foraker from Windy Corner

    Windy Corner

    The Polo Field Near Windy Corner

    Looking down Squirrel Hill

    Cornice Mania

    Mt Foraker and Clouds

    Surreal Light at 11k Camp

    Panorama above 14k Camp

    Section 5 - 14,000' Camp to 17,000' Camp

    Picasa Album - 2008-06-11to17 - Denali - 14,000' Camp to 17,000' Camp


    Hunter from the 14k Camp

    Headwall of the West Buttress

    Layout of the 14k Camp

    The Fixed Lines on theWest Buttress

    Mt Hunter and the Kahiltna Peaks seen from the 14k Camp

    Looking Refreshed for the Next Cache

    Mt Foraker at 14k

    Retrieving the 16,200 ft Cache

    Ascending the ridge of the West Buttress

    Gridlock on the Washburn Thumb

    Approaching 17,200'

    Resting at 17k

    Mt Hunter in the clouds

    View of Foraker from the Mess Tent

    14k Camp Igloo

    14k Camp Snowman

    Clear view from 14k

    Ready to go to 17k

    Sudden Whiteout

    Ascending the West Buttress Above 16k

    The Top of the Washburn Thumb

    High in the Clouds

    Catwalk on the West Buttress

    Upper Ridge of the West Buttress

    Climbers Silhouetted on the West Buttress

    Climber On Top of the Washburn Thumb

    Mt Hunter Emerging from a Sea of Clouds

    West Buttress Panorama

    West Rib Panorama

    Section 6 - 17,000' Camp to Summit

    Picasa Album - 2008-06-18 - Denali - 17,000' Camp to Summit


    Denali Pass Seen from My Tent

    Clouds Spill Through Kahiltna Pass

    Zak, Our Neighbor at 17k

    What a View!

    What a View!

    Foraker and a Beam of Light

    Windy Corner Pierced by Sunshine

    Mt Hunter from 17k Camp

    Accident Site on the Autobahn

    Rush Hour on the Autobahn

    The Autobahn, Near Denali Pass

    Cool Rocks Above Denali Pass

    The Joys of High Altitude

    The Football Field and Pig Hill

    Serac on Pig Hill

    Serac on Pig Hill

    Mt Huntington in the Clouds

    Denali's Summit Ridge

    Kahiltna Panorama from 17,200 ft

    Panorama from Denali Pass 

    Denali Pass Panorama 

    Panorama Atop Pig Hill


    Picasa Album - 2008-06-19to23 - Denali - Descent

    Descending the Summit Ridge

    Looking Down Denali's Summit Ridge

    Victory Breakfast

    Descending the West Buttress

    Me and Foraker

    Ice Debris on the Peters Glacier

    Descending the Headwall to 14k

    Drudgeries of Cooking

    Gourmet Toasting

    Mt Hunter and Crevasses

    Cornices Above Motorcycle Hill

    Descending through the Clouds

    Kahiltna Peak

    The Northeast Fork (a.k.a. Valley of Death)

    Meltwater Pools in the Kahiltna Glacier

    The Kahiltna Glacier

    The Kahiltna Glacier

    Strahan's Sweet Ride

    Me in My Sweet Get-up

    The West Buttress from 11k

    Graphs & Miscellaneous

    Picasa Album - 2008-06-02 - Denali Maps & Annotations

    Topo Map of the West Buttress Route

    Gear List

    Food List


    Ascent Profile

    Ascent Rate

    Temperatures recorded on Denali compared to SLC & Lake Tahoe January Averages.

    Denali Temperatures compared to SLC summer and winter averages.

    % Air Pressure vs. Elevation

    Comparative Altitudes

    World High Peaks

    Denali Sunsets

    SummitPost Page - Denali Sunsets

    Denali is truly a wondrous place to see the alpenglow of a sunset. On summer climbs, when the sun never fully sets, the sunset/sunrise can last for well over an hour, casting a wider variety of colors on the snow and ice than I've seen anywhere else. Perhaps some of this is due to the sun setting over the ocean combined with Denali's extreme height?

    Sunsets from the 11,200 ft Camp

    Kahiltna Pass & Mt Kapps

    Foraker and Kahiltna

    The West Buttress

    Fiery Mt Kapps

    Golden Mt Kapps

    Mt Kapps & Kahiltna Pass

    Rainbow Seracs at 11k Camp

    Unreal Glow at Kahiltna Pass

    Unreal Sunset on Foraker & Kahiltna Dome

    Sunsets from the 14,200 ft Camp

    Alpenglow on Mt Hunter from 14k Camp

    Denali's Shadow on the Sky

    Alpenglow on Denali from 14k Camp

    Mt Hunter & Moon at Midnight

    Alpenglow on Mt Foraker from 14k

    Sunsets from the 17,200 ft Camp

    Hunter & Foraker Alpenglow Panorama

    17K Camp after Midnight 

    Mt Foraker Sunset at 17k

    Snow Features at Denali's 17k Camp

    Snow Still Life Photos

    After weathering a day of high winds at the 17k camp on Denali as a high pressure system moved through on June 17, 2008, I noticed some excellent still-life photography opportunities. What follows is photographs taken of the snow walls and sculpted snow around the camp.

    SummitPost - Snow Features at Denali

    Picasa Album - Denali Snow

    If you like these, you can see more snow photos from other trips in my Frozen Water album on SummitPost.

    Snow Walls

    Snow Forms

    Snow Form

    Snow Wall Interstices

    Snow Wall Interstices

    Snow Wall Interstices

    Snow Wall Interstices

    Snow Swirl

    Snow Apex

    Undulating Snow Crest

    Sinuous Snow Crest

    Snow Jewel

    Feathered Wind Scouring

    Snow "Comet"