The Hill Ride

Description: The Hill Ride is a classic team ride of ours where we do hill intervals. This ride contains six climbs with almost 5,000 feet of climbing in less than 30 miles! We warmup over Wildcat, then climb the Pumphouse climb, Happy Valley, back over Happy Valley, Papa Bear, and finally end with a time trial back up Wildcat. This ride is as hard as you want to make it -- the hills are there.

Distance: 28.43 miles
Climbing: 4657 ft.
Difficulty: Hard
Time: 2 hrs.

Hill Ride Map

Mile 0.0 - Spruce and Virginia. Climb #1: Start climbing up Spruce. This plus Wildcat is warmup.

Mile 2.05 - At five-way intersection, continue straight onto Wildcat Canyon.

Mile 5.49 - Inspiration Point.

Mile 7.96 - Go straight across San Pablo Dam Rd. to Bear Creek Rd.

Mile 11.06 - Climb #2: Pumphouse climb. This is the first real effort of the ride. This climb is a steady grind, gaining 600 ft. over 2.25 miles. Oh yeah, there's a false summit too. Hah!

Mile 12.07 - After the fast wide-open descent, turn right on Happy Valley. The next climb lies ahead.

Mile 13.07 - Climb #3: Happy Valley. This one starts after the hairpin turn. It's short but steep, gaining almost 300 ft. in 0.55 miles!

Mile 13.98 - Turnaround and go up the backside of Happy Valley.

Mile 14.83 - Climb #4: Happy Valley, again. This time we go over the back side. It's slight longer but almost as steep, gaining 320 ft. over 0.61 miles.

Mile 15.83 - Turn left on Bear Creek Rd. and head back over Papa Bear (called Pumphouse the other way).

Mile 16.85 - Climb #5: Papa Bear. Back the way we came, the climb to the summit is 1 mile and 350 ft elevation, but we don't stop there. We race all the way down the backside (at 50 mph) to contest the Orinda sprint at the bottom of hill.

Mile 19.97 - Continue straight at San Pablo Dam Rd. onto Wildcat Canyon, the last climb of the ride.

Mile 22.49 - Climb #6: Last but not least, the Wildcat Canyon time trial. This climb gains 600 ft. over 2.5 miles. It's steeper at the bottom than at the top. If you do it right, you should split your time at El Toyonal.

Mile 25.85 - At the 5-way intersection, head left on Grizzly Peak to descend via Euclid.

Mile 28.43 - Sprice and Virginia. End of ride.