Grizzly Peak

Description: This is an easy beginners ride. It starts up Tunnel Rd. like most rides from Berkeley. Tunnel Rd. climbs steadily at an average 5% grade for about 4 miles. The other easy climb out of town is Spruce Rd. to the North which is a little steeper and shorter than Tunnel Rd. This ride then turns left onto Grizzly Peak and follows the ridge line above Berkeley for 7-8 miles. There are many great views along the way. Finally, the ride descends Euclid. Euclid is a very nice descent from the North. The road is smooth and most of the curves are gentle with the exception of a slick S-turn near the bottom.

Note: For this route description, there are detailed instructions for getting out of town via the Cal Cycling approved route. For other routes, I'll assume you know how to get to Tunnel.

Distance: 16.22 miles
Climbing: 1856 ft.
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1-1.5 hrs.

Grizzly Peak Map

Mile 0.0 - Depart Sproul Plaza. Start down Bancroft Ave.

Mile 0.13 - Turn left on Dana St. Cross Durant.

Mile 0.25 - Turn left on Channing Wy. Cross Telegraph and Bowditch.

Mile 0.63 - Turn right on College Ave. Pass Haste.

Mile 0.75 - Turn left on Dwight Wy.

Mile 0.88 - Take second right on Piedmont Ave. Pass through two road barriers.

Mile 1.18 - Turn left on Forrest Ave.

Mile 1.40 - Turn right at T intersection.

Mile 1.48 - Turn left on Gerber, beware the crooked pole.

Mile 1.54 - Turn right onto Claremont Blvd.

Mile 1.68 - Turn left onto Russell.

Mile 1.75 - Forced right turn; pass Domingo Peet's, go straight across Ashby.

Mile 1.89 - Turn left on El Camino.

Mile 2.22 - Turn left on The Uplands.

Mile 2.40 - Turn right on Tunnel Rd.

Mile 2.85 - Turn left at light onto Caldecott Ln, start climbing.

Mile 3.21 - At crest, make quick left, then right onto Tunnel Rd. A long gradual climb starts here.

Mile 6.34 - Skyline (used to be Tunnel) at Grizzly Peak. The Saturday ride stops up ahead on the left at Sibley Park. For this ride, turn left on Grizzly Peak.

Mile 8.78 - Go straight through stop sign at Claremont. Claremont Ave. is a fast fun descent back to Domingo Peet's.

Mile 11.79 - Go straight through stop sign at Centenniel. This is another very fast descent into Berkeley.

Mile 13.88 - Turn left onto Euclid Ave. This is the standard descent when returning on Wildcat Canyon.

Mile 15.20 - Watch out for oil in this sweeping left turn.

Mile 15.94 - Turn right on Virginia St. (if you live in that direction).

Mile 16.22 - Spruce & Virginia, end of ride.