Fruit Stand

Description: Fruit stand gets its name from the large fruit stand at the corner of San Ramon Valley and Crow Canyon Road which is a traditional stopping point on team rides. Although two-thirds of the ride goes next to freeways, it is popular because it is fairly falt for its length and has many food stops and town line sprints. The nicest part is in the beginning on Redwood Road, a lightly used East Bay Park access road.

After Redwood Road, there are two options. This variation of fruit stand goes out on Crow Canyon Road. The longer (and less trafficked) option is Dublin Canyon Road (in green). Once on Crow Canyon, climbers can take a short detour on Norris Canyon Red (in red) for a nice climb and descent, while flatlanders can make a beeline for the fruit stand.

The way back has even more options than the way out. This ride returns via Orindawoods while the Bike Path option is shown in red. Half Happy and Backyard are not shown on this map. The map, profile, and distance are for the Crow Canyon-Orindawoods route.

Distance: 60.89 miles
Climbing: 4922 ft.
Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
Time: 3.5-4.5 hrs.

Fruit Stand Map

Mile 0.0 - Sproul Plaza to Tunnel Road.

Mile 6.34 - Skyline and Grizzly Peak. Continue straight on Skyline past Grizzly Peak.

Mile 11.51 - Turn left at light on Joaquin Miller.

Mile 12.11 - Turn left on Redwood Rd. There is a long gradual descent into the forest.

Mile 14.40 - Go past the intersection with Pinehurst. This is where the fruit stand ride diverges from most rides that start with Redwood. The next climb is deserted, and the descent is no brakes but not straight either.

Mile 23.74 - You will eventually go over a small hump into Castro Valley. Turn left on Heyer Ave.

Mile 24.49 - Go straight past Center St. up the steep hill.
Alternative Route (in green): Turn right for the longer Dublin Canyon route. Then turn left on Castro Valley Rd. which eventually becomes Dublin Canyon. Once in Pleasanton, turn left on Foothill Blvd. to eventually rejoin the ride.

Mile 24.78 - Turn right on Cull Canyon Rd.

Mile 24.93 - Tricky left onto Crow Canyon Rd. Move over well in advance. Crow Canyon is a nice road except for the cars and the mess on the shoulder. This road is definitely single file.

Mile 27.73 - Go straight past Norris Canyon Rd. or...
Alternative Route (in red): Bear right onto Norris Canyon Rd. for a nice climb and fast descent. Rejoin the route at San Ramon Valley.

Mile 32.67 - Fruit stand! We stop here for food then head left on San Ramon Valley for the flat portion of the ride.

Mile 35.97 - Bear left on Hartz through the center of Danville.

Mile 41.05 - At the end of the long straight section, head straight at the light (instead of turning right under the freeway).

Mile 41.32 - Turn left on Castle Hill Rd.

Mile 41.60 - Turn right on Lilac Dr. This is an easy turn to miss.

Mile 42.27 - Turn left on Newell Ave.

Mile 42.95 - Turn left on Olympic Blvd. This should look familiar as rides often come out this way. Olympic Blvd. is the bar in the dumbell of many longer rides, so there are many ways back from here. Everyone has a favorite.

Mile 44.47 - When you reach the T-intersection, go straight onto the bike path.

Mile 44.87 - Turn right off the bike path at the first opportunity, then left onto Olympic Blvd.

Mile 45.55 - Turn right on Second St. then left ahead on Mt. Diablo Blvd. The ride through Lafayette sucks.

Mile 47.47 - Bear right onto El Nido Ranch Rd. for the Orindawoods return. This small climb can be the test of truth at the end of an epic ride.
Alternative Route (in red): - Keep going straight for a variation called Bike Path. Surprisingly enough, it follows the bike path along 24.

Mile 49.26 - After a short steep pitch, turn left onto Orindawoods Dr. for the descent into Ordina.

Mile 50.45 - Turn right onto El Camino Pablo.

Mile 52.43 - Turn left on Wildcat Canyon for the climb back to Berkeley. This is another killer at the end of a long day.

Mile 58.28 - Head left at the 5-way intersection to descend via Euclid.