Welcome to my personal website! Here you will find numerous trip reports, maps, photographs and other writings related to my outdoor passion of climbing & mountaineering. Some of my favorite cycling rides have been included here as well.

Additionally, the site contains examples of my artwork, and portfolios for architecture, structural engineering, and photography (to be completed later, potentially split off as a sister site).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at markporterthomas@gmail.com

Under Construction!

Right now I've mostly been working on the "Mountaineering" section, which is starting out more as lists and links for easy references & planning, but will be filled in later with pictures & more in depth information. There is currently a lot of content available, but some of it is still incomplete. Feel free to browse through it, and I'll gradually get more added and polished up over time.

Updates to Expect

  • Improved site look and function, as I will be transferring it away from Google Sites and making it a database-oriented website, using PHP and Javascript.
  • Improved site navigation:
    • "Lists" topics more fully developed, and with links navigating to completed TRs.
    • Clickable maps and Google Maps/Google Earth Navigation capabilities for TRs
  • Increasing site content (trip reports) by a factor of 3-4.
  • Addition of different page-types including cragging routes and areas, and more developed topics such as wide climbing